Technical Specs

Overview of the technical stuff inside your JABII.

The JABII Product

The JABII product consists of several sturdy plastic parts, a rubber cushion pillow and mechanical springs. It also contains a small print circuit board with electronics protected by a clear acrylic lens that also focusses the LED lights. It also contains a shock absorbing rubber element, that reduces the recoil of each return from a hit. The product contains no screws as all parts are mechanically locked together.


The JABII uses 2 triple-A batteries (AAA). The batteries are not included in the package – so the customer must acquire these before use.

Stand Alone Mode

Two JABIIs can be used together (without smartphone/app), to play the built-in Battle Mode (Stand Alone).

App Enhanced

Two JABIIs can be used together with the JABII app on a smartphone, to play the App-Enhanced Battle. Using the JABII App, the users can record and replay the battles, gather match- and player-statistics and customise the JABII light color.


The JABII App is available for smartphones on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

- iPhone 6 (or newer), running iOS 9+
- Most Android smartphones, running Android 8.0+

Technical Specifications


33 cm


11 cm

Reach (knuckles to tip of strikepad)

110 cm


550 g


Bluetooth 5.0


6 RGB LEDs (about 1.6 million colors)


2 watt amp / 1” speaker

Battery life (while playing)

Estimated 5 hours* (about 300 matches)

Battery life (while hibernating)

Estimated 1 year*




Two optical proximity sensors

Telescope arm

10 sections

42 springs

* Battery life depends on usage and which brand of battery is used.